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DFUK is an active organisation which is working for the advancement of art, culture and heritage of Afghans in UK

Daanish Foundation was set up with a vision to promotes the advancement of education for disadvantaged young Afghans who are deprived from the right of education due to war and poverty in Afghanistan. We will work with educational institutes in the most remote regions of Afghanistan to help the under privileged youth who cannot afford to go to school to learn basic literacy and numeracy in order to be able to read and write. We aim to fund and/or provide for essential school stationery, books, IT equipment, school uniforms, basic furniture.


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�Registered charity no. 1168299 �Helping Communities in Afghanistan �Supports Schools & Sports Opportunities �
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Daanish Foundation UK
Daanish Foundation UK
Kabul, Afghanistan
‎الحمد لله : Praises be to Allah
The operation completed successfully….
You do not have to be rich to be generous.
Special thanks and appreciation goes to our respected donors, Shagufa Jan, Sonica Jan, and Omar Jan for making this terrific contribution possible.
‎این عملیات با موفقیت انجام شد
‎شما نباید ثروتمند باشید تا سخاوتمند باشيد
‎تشکر و قدردانی ویژه به اهداکنندگان محترم ما هريك شگوفه جان، سونيكا جان و عمر جان از اين كمك فوق العاده را انجام دادند
Daanish Foundation UK
Daanish Foundation UK
Daanish Foundation UK
Alec Reed Academy
Daanish School every Sunday from 11-1 PM
Daanish Foundation UK
Daanish Foundation UK
Kabul, Afghanistan
Urgent operation needed in the next few days as it is life threatening. Your generous donations can save his life.... Please SHARE with friends and family
Operation cost approximately $1000... USD
‎عملیات فوری مورد نیاز در چند روز آینده به عنوان تهدید کننده زندگی است. کمک های سخاوتمندانه شما می تواند زندگی اش را نجات دهد ....

Contact details:
London office: +44 739 791 6325
Kabul office: +93 777 153 517

DFUK Account Details

*Lloyds Bank*
Account Name: *Daanish Foundation UK* *Account No. 65013868*
*Sort code: 30-98-91*

IBAN: GB79LOYD30989165013868
United Kingdom
Daanish Foundation UK


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