Building Hope

Building Hope

We are raising money to build classrooms for a girls’ school in the remote valley of Ghorband district in Parwan province, Afghanistan.

Following a personal visit and assessment of the school by the chairman and member of board of trustees of DFUK, Mr Jawed Sadiqi, we are determined to transform the conditions in which these children are being educated.  With no roof over their heads and no rug beneath their feet; but only a temporary blackboard, these girls attend school keenly to attain education – something that we in the UK take for granted.

So far we have been able to provide a temporary roof, in the form of tarpaulin for these girls to continue their schooling; however, the fund that you will donate will be used to construct up to 6 classrooms and provide a safe and warm environment for these children.
Specifically, we will be spending 100% of your donations for the engineering design which has already been obtained, (please see pictures), purchasing building material for the school building and the cost of labour as well as basic school furniture and stationery.

As summer is approaching, it is the most optimal time of the year to start building; therefore, we urge everyone to help us reach our goal within this time frame before the harsh and unfavourable winter period approaches and practically make it impossible to begin building.  

We are sure that everyone will appreciate every penny you donate towards this campaign to bring hope and prosperity in ensuring these girls have  a sustainable future in education.

Please donate generously and help us ‘Build Hope‘.

Sponsor for:

 to buy a chair for a child*** 

 to buy stationery supplies for a month*** 

to buy 50 bricks for building the school***

 to buy a desk and two chairs***

***£500 to buy chairs for a whole classroom***

 will buildone classroom***

For anyone wishing to make direct donations, please see details below:

Account Name: Daanish Foundation UK
Account Number: 65013868
Sort Code: 30-98-91

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”

-Victor Hugo- 

 Thank you!


Current class rooms:

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